Day: February 13, 2017

Tech Zombies

I posted this story almost a year ago and I have gained a lot of followers since that time. I thought I would share it again and I hope everyone enjoys it. I’m Adam Link and I was born in 2124. At the time of my birth, the government was conducting experiments to create a […] via TECH Zombies (A Sci-Fi Zombie Story) — Lynn … Read More Tech Zombies

Some Thoughts About Time…

“Lost time is never found again” – Benjamin Franklin Everything comes down to time. It is the very stuff of life; the warp and the weft. The only things we truly have are: our bodies, our energy, and our attention; and all three of these exist within that box of delights we call ‘time’. If […] via Some Thoughts About Time… —

Study: Doomsday Clock Ticking

Tenfold jump in green tech needed to meet global emissions targets Green innovations must be developed and spread globally 10 times faster than in the past if we are to limit warming to below the Paris Agreement’s 2 degrees C target DURHAM, N.C. – The global spread of green technologies must quicken significantly to avoid […] via Study: Doomsday clock is ticking – Green tech … Read More Study: Doomsday Clock Ticking